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Monday, January 11, 2016

Go Touch The Infinity

Soar high in the sky,
Go touch the infinity.
Within you is the spark flickering 'to be called out'
Call on me, I will come to your aid.
Believe in me and act on your deed.
I come to those who seek.

Soar high in the sky,

go touch the infinity.

Within you resides the divinity

Acknowledge it, appreciate it.
Be still, sit in peace.
Shutter down all your thoughts
Look upon your inward eye.
There is the power waiting to be unleashed.

Soar high in the sky, go touch the infinity.

Joy is me, pain is me,peace is me, power is me

What you seek for more ' i give you more'
You look for joy,'You get it.'
You look for sorrow, that's what you borrow.
Seek happiness,That's what you receive.
Seek success that's what you receive

I know not, 'what is pleasure or pain'

Upon your constant deliberate wish;
I act, it's your command to me that's main.

Soar high in the sky, go reach the infinity.

You have called on me, you have faith in me
You have unleashed the power
You seek for happiness and peace
That's what you receive.

Soar high in the sky, go touch the infinity

-Mitali Rajadithya

Magic of Nature

The breeze has unburdened me and lifted my spirit.
Sun-shine filled me with brightness and faith.
Celebration of morning birds and bees enchanted me.
The morning dew on the grass was sparkling in glee.
There was spring in every step I took.
I felt blessed.I felt new.
A new today has dawned for me.I am alive for, I have a purpose to be.
My creator has faith in me!
I will discover myself in these series of events,That's life.
Which is mysterious, interesting and beautiful delight.
God wants me to understand, hurries and worries;
Will take away my peace of mind
Patience and faith will give me Strength and light.

-Mitali Rajadithya

It Was Sunday...

It was Sunday,when I was looking at the sky.
I wondered its so beautiful and high,
Its so bright and blue in the day as if trying to say please dont foul me this way.
Mother nature has given us such beautiful world, But we men without impulse make wrong use of her.
But now in this world none has time to think so;

All are busy in their work with watch on their wrist and running on their toe;
The world is not remained divine and peaceful as it was ages ago;
But now filled with violence wars to and fro
Bloodshed here and there people are crying for shelter somewhere,
Where there is peace and friendliness everywhere,
Where one can sing with their heart's content,
No sorrow can reach the men though.
To create and preserve the peace in the world
Be loving, friendly and helpfull to all.
So pledge with me oh! my friends
United we will and United we can,
Make this world a heaven again!
-Mitali Rajadithya

Need for silence

In this buzzing world of communication, each one of us need to take a break and connect with our inner self. With the need of fulfilling our commitments on our professional and public front we tend to avoid our self. There is a need to be with our own self in silence. We are so use to be occupied to do something or think something continuously that inaction makes us insecure and restless. In meditation we get aware of our self, we relax our self and we reach to the stage of thoughtlessness, A state which is attained after sitting religiously in the seat of meditation consistantly every day. You need to give yourself the wonderful experience of the mystical silence where you can tap your untouched potential where you can channelize your negativity and where you can view world from different angle. While praying you are speaking to god, in meditation god speaks to you. Meditation influences your thoughts and develops acceptance, patience, unconditional love. It tunes you into the frequency of the universe. Once you connect with the universe there you realize that we are surrounded with Abundance.

I am in Love

Everything looks so beautiful! It seems nothing can go wrong. It's as if smile is permanently residing on my lips. There is this different glow on my face. Suddenly I feel I can conquer everything in this world.I have started noticing the way I look and I just realized I am so beautiful.I am now enjoying the breeze,those twittering birds, the swaying of trees,the beautiful sun rise.The evening moon and the twinkling stars.

   There is so much of peace, so much of bliss.I am looking forward to everyday to share, to care, to laugh and add smiles.To learn and earn. Oh I am in love! Whenever I hear the voice I keep giggling, something within me starts dancing.Whenever I see the face, I get this feeling that I want to be more responsible.

  I want to be better a student , I want to be financially independent, I want to be a better person and improve on myself. Ever since I am in love, the world looks so wonderful. Ever since I am in love,I am finding good in every situation, I am wanting to understand people and their perspective, I am appreciating and motivating people.Ever since  I am in love, I am wanting to be a consistent performer with excellence..Oh yes! yes! yes! everything is happening beautifully...

Rebellious thoughts of a Teenage girl

I know I am getting matured
I know I am becoming responsible,
But somewhere deep in my heart a thought within me springs and says,
Even I want to rebel, I want to act smart;
To go on dates, to be late
To nick on my favourite food,

To put on the beautiful shoes
To dress in style, to tour miles
hang out like boys at wee hours of night
To go bungee jumping, water skiing, water riding
to drive a car; even I want to be like my cool college mates!

Just then  heard a voice in my head, which says a "typical teenager you'll find everywhere.
Do you want to be one of them or do you choose to stand above the rest."
My clouded mind gets clear, Smile lightens up my face.
Now I am looking at the responsibilities as opportunities to grow
Now studies and other work dont look as burden anymore
It just gives me kick to enjoy and focus,
Because to dress in style and tour miles can be done anytime in my life,
This is the time to work hard and smart
and then my life will be full of celebrations.
-Mitali Rajadithya

Beauty of A Night

O mother night; O mother night;
With you, you bring such beautiful sights
With navy blue sky and crimson clouds;
The moon loves to peep in  and out
The stars are also glittering in glee;
It started in one and multiplied itself for thousands to be.
In your darkness I seek for peace, I look for a company
Then those stars give me faith to shine, In the darkest of my time
The rustling of leaves, the humming of bees ,
The fresh cool breeze touch my cheek and fills my ear with music of night!
- Mitali Rajadithya