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Monday, April 28, 2014

The Happy People - Rustom Irani and Khurshid Irani

There are some teachers who leave an impression on the hearts and minds of the students forever. This man is one such teacher. He is absolutely expressive and he can turn any boring subject into a creative story and make you love the subject. He brings life to subject like History and Geography and makes it interesting with his acting skills.

He has got amazing sense of humor and his energy is contagious. He makes you feel at ease in his presence .He is the first teacher who encouraged me to write poems and he was the first teacher who made me believe in my communication skills and made me MC for Independence Day program in school. Like me there are many more students who have their special memories with him. His name is Rustom Irani.

I have always cherished his teachings and absolutely adore him for the kind of person he is. I am blessed to be in touch with him and I created an opportunity to capture him and his better half and their contagious energy and naughtiness. Thank you Rustom Sir and Khurshid ma’am for being there. Thank you for letting me experience your love for each other and your passion for acting. You guys made it special. Both of you share amazing chemistry and you guys make a wonderful couple.

Rustom Irani is an adored and revered school teacher. He has been teaching for 22 years in S.M.Choksey High School, Pune. His Favorite subject is Hindi. Along with being a teacher he is an excellent actor. He has written, directed and acted in many Gujarati, Hindi and English plays for school and Parsi community. Mrs Kurshid Irani is happiness on the move. She is a pillar of strength to her husband and super mom to her two handsome sons. Khurshid Ma’am has been in the field of speech and drama. She is a fine actress and has acted in many Gujarati, Hindi and English plays.

Special thanks to Rajadithya Sadasivan( my lawyer husband) and Harssh Joshii (my dancer, cinematographer brother)you guys along with sir and Ma’am made the shoot hilarious and unforgettable experience.

Tips for stock photography 1) plan your shots 2) Plan the outfits and accessories according to the theme 3) Make you models comfortable in front of camera 4) set up lights according to your theme requirement 5) Encourage your models to emote 6) Have fun

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

32 Smiles - Interior photography

For most of us our first times are very special. In 2010, One such first was my interior photography assignment for Dr Milind Darda's clinic 32 smiles.Dr Milind Darda is,a prominent orthodontist with masters in Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics.He has committed himself to providing the best orthodontic care possible in order to improve the patient’s facial esthetic and function with advance braces system.
   Dr Milind Darda is not only an excellent dentist but also a very happy, humble and peaceful person. His passion for his work can be felt in his clinic 32 smiles a state-of-the-art specialty dental clinic. As a kid i use to dread going to dentist. And for longest of time the word dentist always created painful memories, until i visited 32 smiles. Get ready to experience  one of its kind happy dental clinic.Here we go. 

 As soon as you enter the building the logo greets you and creates instant smile.

                                                                           The clinic lobby neat and orderly

You will be pleasantly surprised when you enter the reception the white and violet interiors with perfect lighting, beautiful soft music that will make you relaxed. You will wonder if at all you are in a dentist clinic. The soothing surrounding and good collection of book will keep you happy and entertained while you are waiting for your appointment.

The happy to help receptionist

                                                 Consultation Area and Dr's work Area 1
The whole clinic has a very vibrant and happy energy.Dr' working Area 2 and a meeting room
A Recreation room for all the doctors which has a Guitar, Music system, Pc and Games.

                                                                                        Dr Milind Darda at work.

This is the Unique dentist clinic where you can see creativity, passion, comfort, happy to help people, cleanliness at its best and its more like a rejuvenating pampering experience then a dental appointment.I thank Dr Milind Darda for giving me the opportunity to cover his clinic and get a sneak peek in his unique world. Tips for architectural photography. *Inspect the scene *Set up the space ( keep it clutter free, people free) *Use ambient or natural light *Try all different corners for a variety of perspectives.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Power Of Visuals

Imagination is such a wonderful mechanism of our mind. Imagination is made up of visuals, visuals are made up of words that we have saved in our system for years. When i say water, your mind creates an image of water in your head.You will see the most recent visual of water.

When i say bird an image of crow, or sparrow or whatever bird you are fond of or whatever you have imagined as a bird for years will swim up in your memory.

Visuals have a great impact on the heart and mind of human being. We live in an era where we our bombarded with endless visuals; be it the whats app, facebook, on the hoardings , on TV screens, in the newspapers, magazines, internet and all around us there
are some visual that communicates to us.

Photography is a very integral part of visuals. A photograph has the power to generate emotion and tell a story if it is composed in the right way. Photography is an art which can be developed, with Consistent Self motivated Efforts. Like every art form , even photography requires tremendous patience and discipline. ""I click what I see", this is what MOST people do, I see something, I like it and I just click a picture of it. Sometimes it turns out to be fantastic, sometimes it is not all that great but anyways it doesn't matter because I have something to show right!

Well, right! but if I have the tool that is a "camera" then why not focus on creating wonderful pictures?

I Am going to do just that.To all the photography enthusiasts, I am going to share with you my experiences in the journey of photography and life. You are welcome to share yours and together lets create some visually beautiful, impactful,appealing pictures. Click Click