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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Waging a War

Every morning when i leave for office around nineish it looks like i am a part of a raging war.Hundreds of vehicles are moving in various direction.....sometimes they move like the tankers slowly but alert enough to attack when needed......And sometimes they fly on the road like fighter planes.... they just zoom ahead .....with iron deterimantion to show off... to amttract attention and sometimes to disturb the peace of mind.

If you happen to be too close to any vehicle the vehicle owners do attack you with blaring honking which will kill you with annoyance. To take revenge they will keep honking behind your vehicle unless you go out of sight.....

Every morning i feel i have the huge responsibilty of protecting myself and my bike form the irresponsible and absolute reckless riders...... The way they drive can easily give some weak hearted person a heart attack.....

I never understand whats the hurry dude...... if you want to rush and go somewhere , so do we......

but who cares..... isnt it?

Well this is my state of mind in the morning....
By the time moon rises and sun sets.. the wonderful morning breeze is taken over by the hellish pollution.... it is so foggy that you can hardly see the next vehicle.... the body gets aware of the pollution around and adjust itself to the situation ......
When i reach home....... my face is painted in grey with the dust and pollution......... the endless thoughts drives me little cranky.....
when will these things decrease...?
when will we breathe in pure air..... when will we ride in peace.... oh lord.....when....
I pray that very soon we ride on horse backs and enjoy the bullock cart rides...... how long can these roads acomodate the innumerable cars... and rickshaws and PMT buses and trucks, bikes, scooters ... and cycles .....gosh.......

i think i'll tell you tomorrow.

Zip ZapVroom

Zip Zap Vroom!
The thoughts are speeding zoom!
They are standing in Que,Ready to jump on you.
Each fights with another,seeking for undivided attention.
Listen to me one thought stomps and says.
While other pinches you to contemplate.

All These are pawns,The king is waiting back;
When all the pawns over do.
The majesty will take charge;
And shake your system,only to tell you
'Quieten your mind,Train your thoughts'
Or else your brain will remain Just a Grey matter stock.

Be aware and fight the pessimist ones,
Which creates doubts and paralyzes you with fear.
Encourage and multiply positive thoughts
Which will guide you, Free you from fear and give you faith.

Life is a game,
Thoughts are pawns
Making right moves by entertaining right thoughts
Will give you gifts of lovely lively sorts
-Mitali Rajadithya